Monday, February 11, 2013

Reagan's 2nd Birthday.

FINALLY....Reagan's 2nd Birthday Party! This year we had a Minnie Mouse theme. Though I have found out since then that Reagan's favorite is actually Daisy. I think she connects with Daisy's sassyness. ANYWAY, we had it one Sunday afternoon.  It was mostly adults- our staff team and friends from around town, Rick's parents we able to come which was fun, and then our small group from church. Our small group has a few kids so we had fun watching the kids run around and play. I must admit, kid parties are not my cup of tea. I have been throwing adult parties for years and I can say I really enjoy hosting adults. When it comes to kids I am not too sure what to do. Thankfully at this age they just run around playing with whatever is around so I didn't plan too many "activities". 

I was so blessed and found these great decorations at a yard sale the day before the party. It saved me hours of work. The lady sells them on etsy but had some she was getting rid of. Also, I usually put pics of whoevers' birthday it is of their year. Fun to remember and see how they have changed. 

Rick was such a great helper. Here he is fixing the take home treats - Puppy chow. 

Some of the sweet treats. We had strawberry cupcakes and mickey shaped rice crispy treats. 

For the salty treats we had veggies and dip, chex mix, Cheetos (Reagan's favorite), and kettle corn. 

This was the cookie decorating station. We had sugar cookies in the shape of mickey and also I had found some cute Christmas cookies on Pinterest that we tried to make. 

here is one of the better looking cookies. 

here are several of our friends and staff team working on the cookies. We had some interesting ones. I will not post them here. :)

This was the coloring station. Jess colored a very nice pic of Minnie. 

Another cute banner from the yard sale. Also, not pictured I scored some Minnie water bottle wrappers, cupcake toppers, and some other random things. 

The Cupcakes. 

The birthday girl excited about blowing out her candles. 

We all waited for her to really dig into the cupcake but she just licked the icing off and was very clean about the whole process. She was the same last year. Maybe next year we will do cookie cake- she LOVES cookies. I guess she takes after her mom = all about the cookies. 

Reagan playing with one of her friends from our church community group. They are close to the same age. 

This is Casey, she is on our staff team. Reagan calls her She-she. Casey worked hard to get Reagan to like her and it has paid off. Reagan loves her She-she

I usually forget to get pictures of myself since I usually am running around making sure everything is going okay at the party but I was glad we snagged this one. A great pic of Reagan. 

Of course the kids aren't looking but a good pic of the fam nonetheless. 

All pumped up with sugar at the end of the party and all smiles! It was a success! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Other fun pics

Here are a few more pics from the last 2 months or so. 

Jackson's 8 month pic

Reagan saying cheese

Jackson has been showing us all his crazy facial expressions. They make me laugh...i thought i would share! 


Our silly girl. If you see the dog under her arm, it doesn't leave her sight for too long.  I didn't think she had become attached to anything but then the last few months she doesn't go anywhere with out "dog". 

If I am going to be honest this is really like his 91/2 month pic because it took me about 2 weeks to actually get this pic of him in his little sticker. 

We have a little playground right down the street from us and I love watching the kids swing. They have so much joy! The weather has been so great lately, I just want to to be outside all the time! 

This one was too good not to share! 

Daddy got his workout chasing her around the playground. I think she is going to follow in her daddy's footsteps and play soccer. She has really starting kicking balls around a lot. No dolls for this one. :) Yet....


I am so behind on blog posts so I will just post a few pics from Christmas before I totally miss the opportunity.  We spent a few days with Rick's family in Orlando before heading to Atlanta where my sister lives to spend actual Christmas with my family.  
Me and Jackson at Rick's parent's house after a Christmas service

Jackson was really excited to get his radio flyer wagon!

Reagan did a great job helping Grandpa (Rick's Dad) open up some gifts. 

Jackson After 

Our little family after the Christmas eve service with my family in Atlanta.

Gigi and pops with all the grandkids! From left to right- Knox, Elijah, Ella Grace, Reagan, Jackson, Will

A rare smile from Reagan as she opens her stocking goodies! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jackson's Baptism

I know, I know, I am super behind on posting pics and thoughts. I did want to go ahead a post pics of Jackson's Baptism in real time- not 6 weeks later.

Jackson hanging out with Gigi. 

A rare smile caught on camera from Reagan. 

Gigi and Pops are proud grandparents. Blessed they came down for the Baptism. 

I caught this pic before Reagan squirmed away. You can see she was on her way in this pic. :)

The event! Jackson did great, no crying. Just hanging out. He is our mild mannered child. 

The whole fam! Reagan and Jackson are blessed to have G'parents who come visit often! 

The Kingsleys! 

 It was a fun Sunday as we welcomed Jackson in our covenant family. We had family and our staff team over after for a little lunch. All in all a good time! YAY for Jackson! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beach Pics

A few weeks ago, Rick and I had a last hoorah at my parent's house in St.Simons, before the craziness of school started. .  In a effort to try and get some family pics my mom took a few pics of our family down at the beach.  None of them turned out great, but at least we have a few to remember this phase in our family!  

One of the decent family pics

A good one of me and the kiddos

It looks like we are having a good tie now! 

Another family pic! 

Our silly girl! 

I think Jackson's face is a little crazy here. 

I love these next two. We usually can't get reagan to smile in pics. 

Mother and Daughter.

We are excited that our staff team is going on a staff retreat to St. Simons in a few weeks to bond as a team and relax after a crazy first few weeks. We love the beach and the whole family can't wait to get back!